aCalendar - Android Calendar 1.3.2

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aCalendar. Fast and free calendar featuring birthdays with photos & much more.

aCalendar - the fastest Android calendar

● intuitive navigation with smooth transitions
● day, week, month & birthdays view
● birthdays & anniversaries with photos from your addressbook
● uses Android's native calendar backend and synchronization
● no battery drain
● moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays
● QR/2D Barcode sharing
● 12/24h clock honoring system settings
● optimized text display and improved line-break
● no ads

● move forward and backward by swiping vertically or volume rocker
● switch between views with a horizontal swipe (opens the day or week you start the swipe gesture on) or double-tap for day view
● tap to open event
● long-press to add events

native language support for English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Chinese with more to come - contact me if there is a bad translation or you'd like your language added!

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aCalendar is still beta software. With over 580 different devices it's impossible for me to test them all. So if you find a bug please send me an email to and I'll try to fix it. If you just write a comment I cannot get back to you.

There are many more features planned, most notably
● more widgets incl. fullscreen (September)
● no more falling back to default calendar for editing (October)
● agenda view
● proper tablet/Android 3.x support
● Google Tasks integration
● calendar import/export to Facebook, Twitter, NFC, etc.
● other calendar system support (Bahá'í, Chinese, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Indian, Iranian, Islamic, Thai, Zoroastrian)
● send YOUR feature requests to

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aCalendar is free and will stay free and ad-free. No features will be taken away, but some advanced calendar features might come only to a paid pro-version (2011Q4).

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